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Before ordering anything, we suggest reading our Store Policies to get an idea of what to expect!

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Store Policies

Ordering anything online, especially clothing, can be daunting sometimes! Here are some things to expect before making your first purchase!

What we will refund/replace:

    Damaged & mislabeled items
    Lost in transit (most of the time)

What we will NOT refund/replace:

    Buyer’s remorse
    Incorrect Clothing Sizes (Check the size charts!)
    Incorrect Shipping Addresses (Double check before you submit your order!)
    General Carrier Errors
    Orders Without a Proper Email Receipt
    Orders that are over 30 days old (Possible exceptions may apply)

For more information feel free to contact our staff in Discord, join here!

World wide shipping
When ordering for worldwide shipping outside of the US, you may be subject to higher costs as a result of various factors.
It's possible that our carrier may charge you an extra fee upon the arrival of your package for the costs of going through customs.

Payment Processing Delays
In order to prevent fradulent transactions, we verify that we receive your money before approving an order for shipping!
If for any reason there is a delay between the time you place your order and when we receive your money, this will effect the time it takes for your order to be shipped!
Additionally, if we are unable to confirm that we've received the money for your order, we will cancel your order.

Contacting us with issues
If you run into any form of issue, or just want an update on your order's status, open a support ticket with our staff in our Discord! Check below to see how!

  1. Join our Discord
  2. Accept the Rules and give yourself any applicable Roles
  3. Open a support ticket by using the /support command in any channel
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